How Your Past Robs Your Future and What To Do About It

subconscious reprogramming Feb 23, 2023
woman feeling confident from releasing the past and creating the future she wants

How Your Past Impacts Your Future

The past is an integral part of our lives and it most definitely shapes us into the person we are today. However, it’s essential to realize that our past can also be incredibly limiting if we’re spending too much time focusing on it–consciously or unconsciously.

Sometimes your past can show up in sneaky ways that you may or may not be aware of. Remember your subconscious likes to stay in the familiar and it thinks it’s keeping you safe. It’s that part that likes to control, predict, and assume, which are all distortions of the mind. In today’s post, I’m sharing how focusing on your past is robbing precious moments and blocking you from your desired future with some quick tips on how to shift from the past to the present. 


The Power of Beliefs

Your beliefs are shaped by your experiences, and they can be both empowering and limiting. For example, if you were told as a child that you weren’t smart enough or good enough, you may think that you’re not capable of achieving great things or you spend your life trying to prove yourself. This can block what’s possible for you because you may not even try to pursue your goals and dreams due to the fear of failure.

The power of your beliefs is not limited to external influences. Your own thoughts, emotions, and inner self-talk can also limit your future growth and success. Negative self-talk can feed a vicious cycle of self-doubt, which holds you back from taking risks and realizing your dreams.

It’s crucial to recognize these limiting beliefs and work towards changing them. When we allow negative thoughts and emotions to control us, we stay stuck in old patterns and behaviors we don't want. We must challenge ourselves to believe that we are capable of achieving anything we set our minds to while interrupting and rerouting the negative patterns when they occur. 


The Weight of Mistakes

We literally all make mistakes. That’s how we learn and grow!

However, when you hold on to the shame, guilt, and regret over past experiences that didn’t go as hoped or planned, these emotions hold you back from trying new things or moving on. Mistakes don’t make you unworthy of success, joy, or love nor should they define you. Those were just experiences and nothing more. 

Instead, consider mistakes as a form of feedback and view them as an opportunity to heal and improve. Choosing this perspective allows you to become a better version of yourself. Some of the most successful people use mistakes as motivation to keep reaching for their goals.

Ask yourself "what did I learn from that and how can I do better next time?"


The Influence of Your Environment

Your environment plays a huge role in influencing your thoughts and beliefs. The people you surround yourself with, your family, friends, and co-workers, can all have an impact on your future. If you're surrounded by negative influences, you may find it challenging to break free from that cycle and pursue a positive future.

Surround yourself with people who support and encourage you to grow. Your environment also includes the media you consume, the books you read, and the content you engage with on social media. Be mindful of the content you consume and ensure that it aligns with your values and goals.


In Conclusion

To summarize, it’s important to recognize that your past does not define you, and you have the power to create your own future. By releasing, unlearning, and reprogramming limiting beliefs and negative emotions, you can overcome the constraints of your past and accomplish great things now and in the future. When you intentionally surround yourself with positive influences and boldly embrace your mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve, you can shatter any barriers from your past and accomplish truly amazing feats. By doing these practices, you'll create a future full of positivity and confidently achieve your aspirations with purpose and determination.


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