Because YOU are the antidote.

In a world intent on making healing about prescriptions and symptoms, The Be Well Program helps you reclaim your relationship with your body so you can be the healthiest version of you. Conflicting and confusing information on the “right” solutions only pull you further away from your own wisdom and ability to heal. Through an intimate 1:1 experience focused on a comprehensive, inside-out approach you’ll actualize the results you desire in your health and in your life.

Be Well is designed for those ready to address the mental and emotional root causes that contribute to health challenges, and take action in creating a new version of health.

Together, we do the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic work so you can transform, heal and thrive-both internally + externally.

This is for you ...


If you believe you are capable of great health and enjoying life despite a diagnosis, ongoing symptoms or health challenges, and you are motivated to take action in achieving your goals then you are in the right place.

If you’re tired of restrictive and rigid protocols, conflicting health information, and spending so much time trying to be healthy with limited success, you’re here for a reason.

If you’re intrigued by the idea that you could fully flourish in health and vitality, while also supporting what your unique body needs (where your old limiting beliefs and emotions are no longer running your life), keep reading!

If you’re open and curious to see things differently, and ready for radical transformation to create your own health, prosperity, and vitality as your Highest Self.

What's Included

Techniques to banish mental blocks prohibiting your ability to be the most aligned + healthiest version of you

Restore your trust in your body, intuition, and ability to heal and thrive regardless of what life throws your way

Release and resolve the emotions and thoughts that keep you stuck in unhealthy habits and patterns

Personalized supplement & herbal recommendations + how to use food as medicine

Identify your goals, values & intentions so you can finally actualize what it is you want

At-home practices to revitalize your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies

Direct access to Allison between sessions through Voxer


Access to Kaliks seasonal cleanses

Special discounts on supplements (ongoing)

Unique discount code for Kaliks Shop

Journal prompts

Guided Meditations

Additional health, movement and mindfulness resources

Be Well


Four month commitment to transform your health and vitality

Weekly consultations to take action on moving through barriers

Voxer Access Monday-Friday, for ongoing support and check-ins

Payment plans available




Break through Session + Be Well Program


1 Break Through Session in Physical Health (3 sessions in 1 week)

4 months weekly coaching + Voxer access for support 

2 extra months of coaching (6 months coaching total)



Kind Words


"I was so caught in the daily grind of corporate America that I wasn't able to take care of myself mentally and physically. Allison helped me identify and re-program habits that were detrimental to myself and my goals. I completely changed my eating habits, quit smoking, started meditating/exercising/yoga and generally upgraded my overall set of daily core habits. Allison proved that it is possible to teach an old dog, new tricks. More important to me than changing any one habit was the self awareness I gained in the process. It's humbling to know how much you don't know, but its also very gratifying to see what you can accomplish with the right help."

Derek S.


"Allison has influenced, inspired, and encouraged my healing path over the years in many ways. She possesses an extremely deep bench of skills and approaches, and at the same time she is very intuitive, flexible, and creative. To work with Allison is to take your level of empowerment in your own healing to the next level, and then the next, and then the next after that. 

Allison has worked with me using functional nutrition (food as medicine!) and supplementation, fully customized herbal remedies, energy healing and clearing, birth prep, meditation techniques, career counseling, immune support, hormone balancing, skin care...I can't recommend her strongly enough!"

Amy W.



"I came to Allison seeking help for menopausal related issues and wound up working with her to dive way deeper into many other realms. 

With the many different tools in her toolbox, she's able to customize a unique experience that will surely be exactly what you need. In addition to her diverse expertise, and endless resources for whatever you may need, she possesses a bright and shiny energy that will instantly put you at ease. I can't recommend Allison enough, for she has made a huge impact on the course of my life."

Shannon F.



Allison is not only extremely knowledgeable and proficient in her work, but an extremely kind human. I started seeing her for my mood disorder, intestinal issues, and hormone testing. She did an excellent job at intersecting all of these issues, and seeing how they interact with each other. She is also very intuitive; you can express concerns you have and she will understand their origin immediately. I was able to adopt many great practices to my daily regiment, and never have I been at such a consistent place in my health. The emotional work had a huge impact on me as well, helping me process and heal during a difficult time. She provided a well-rounded treatment, that really encompassed so many parts of my life.

Meg S.


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