Because YOU are the antidote.

THE BREAKTHROUGH is designed for those READY to address the subconscious mental and emotional root causes that block you from being who you WANT TO BE. Through the process of releasing the old and rewriting the new you'll finally step into and align with the most empowered version of you in Career, Love, Family, and Health.


Together, we do the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic work so you can transform, heal, and thrive in creating the life you dream of.

Kind Words


"I was so caught in the daily grind of corporate America that I wasn't able to take care of myself mentally and physically. Allison helped me identify and re-program habits that were detrimental to myself and my goals. I completely changed my eating habits, quit smoking, started meditating/exercising/yoga and generally upgraded my overall set of daily core habits. Allison proved that it is possible to teach an old dog, new tricks. More important to me than changing any one habit was the self awareness I gained in the process. It's humbling to know how much you don't know, but its also very gratifying to see what you can accomplish with the right help."

Derek S.


"Allison has influenced, inspired, and encouraged my healing path over the years in many ways. She possesses an extremely deep bench of skills and approaches, and at the same time she is very intuitive, flexible, and creative. To work with Allison is to take your level of empowerment in your own healing to the next level, and then the next, and then the next after that. 

Allison has worked with me using functional nutrition (food as medicine!) and supplementation, fully customized herbal remedies, energy healing and clearing, birth prep, meditation techniques, career counseling, immune support, hormone balancing, skin care...I can't recommend her strongly enough!"

Amy W.



"I came to Allison seeking help for menopausal related issues and wound up working with her to dive way deeper into many other realms. 

With the many different tools in her toolbox, she's able to customize a unique experience that will surely be exactly what you need. In addition to her diverse expertise, and endless resources for whatever you may need, she possesses a bright and shiny energy that will instantly put you at ease. I can't recommend Allison enough, for she has made a huge impact on the course of my life."

Shannon F.



Allison is not only extremely knowledgeable and proficient in her work, but an extremely kind human. I started seeing her for my mood disorder, intestinal issues, and hormone testing. She did an excellent job at intersecting all of these issues, and seeing how they interact with each other. She is also very intuitive; you can express concerns you have and she will understand their origin immediately. I was able to adopt many great practices to my daily regiment, and never have I been at such a consistent place in my health. The emotional work had a huge impact on me as well, helping me process and heal during a difficult time. She provided a well-rounded treatment, that really encompassed so many parts of my life.

Meg S.


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