The Benefits of Group Hypnosis

group hypnosis personal development subconscious reprogramming Aug 23, 2023
The Benefits of Group Hypnosis

Reverse back a few years ago.

Having tackled a lot of demons in my closet, I still couldn’t shake some of the old beliefs I had about money. I grew up hearing “You have champagne taste on a beer budget” and “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

I do have champagne taste compared to many in my bloodline. My family’s tradition of mindful frugality is an admirable one. But it’s another story when the root belief comes from a place of lack. 👋

My mentor helped me to bust my broken money mindset beliefs. But even though I knew better (aka that those things weren’t true for me anymore), I felt lingering tugs of shame around money issues that were still throwing me off. I needed to go deeper in order to fully own my new perception of wealth. Of course, I wanted and needed to work, but I also had to let go of thinking that being successful = suffering (aka HARD work).

Money doesn’t change you, it brings out who you already are. So, when more money falls into the hands of those who are generous, thoughtful, and grateful, they can do more good in the world. Count me in!

Knowing I wanted to use money to do good in the world, I jumped into a 15-week-long group hypnosis program on wealth consciousness.

I was ready to rewire the neural pathways in my mind from lack to abundance.

How I changed my mindset . . .

On a rare sunny Friday afternoon—earphones on and eye mask in hand—I closed the curtains, hopped on my bed, and opened Zoom on my laptop. I could see dozens of other people ready to go on this journey with me. I thought to myself: This is so cool!

With time, consistency, and a community to help me stay motivated, I shed those old programs and upgraded to a new empowered mindset around building wealth.

This isn’t fantasy. This is neuroscience.

Study after study shows that hypnosis and group hypnosis have positive effects on reducing stress and even depression.

“In the beginning, it takes focus, effort, and more energy in your brain, but after you make the swing or say hello enough times, it becomes effortless. Thus, to rewire your brain you’ll have to stay with the new behavior long enough to make it become fairly automatic. In time, practice will make it effortless. Your brain won’t have to work as hard once you reach this level.” - John Arden

Who knew it could be so fun!? ****

Hypnosis takes you into the brain state where you can surrender, reprogram, release, and rewrite a new story of how you want to be and what you want to do or have. It’s all right there in the hidden layers of your unconscious.

Rewiring your mind takes commitment and consistency. When you do this with like-minded people, it becomes exponentially more fun.

How good would you feel without negative thoughts running your daily behaviors? How incredible it would be to live with more awareness, build emotional intelligence, find your peace, and reveal your truth?

Benefits of group hypnosis:

  • Increased awareness and intuition
  • Improved emotional relief, resilience, and intelligence
  • Clarity, confidence, and calm through life's ups and downs
  • Positive shifts in habits, communication, and relationships
  • Manifestations coming to fruition
  • Better sleep, stress management, and ability to self-regulate
  • Affordable/economical access to life-changing practices
  • The power of like-minded group energy: Connection, community, motivation, and inspiration 
  • The ease of doing this from your home (or wherever you like)

This is where The Inner Circle Group Hypnosis comes in: it’s here to fill the gap you didn’t know you needed!

What is The Inner Circle Group Hypnosis?

Every month, we will tackle a different subject. You will get a live online hypnosis session and then you’ll have the rest of the month to stream audio downloads at your convenience and—the fun part!—your membership in our online community gives you the opportunity to share and learn with me and other like-minded people.

in a group setting, we address universal problems that we encounter as humans living on the planet right now. They're common, yet crucial for health and well-being: like personal growth, self-awareness, and healing. 

Our first live meet-up is scheduled for September 7th at 5 pm PST and I invite you to sign up today for instant access to the bonus material and you won’t be charged until September. For more information, check out the Inner Circle here.

The monthly membership is $24 and may be canceled at any time. You will be charged after your trial period expires and ongoing each month with the option to cancel at anytime. Join The Inner Circle today and receive bonus access for free through August 31, 2023.

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