How To Take More Control Over Your Life With 3 Simple Shifts

Jan 12, 2023

Experience more freedom over your highs and lows in life using the power of your subconscious...


Did you know that you can become the master of your mind? When things happen to you, how you interpret them depends on how they make you feel. The way you interpret an event is based on your past experiences and how they've influenced how you look at things now. If we encounter something similar to a challenging event that happened in the past, we tend to interpret the new event in a similar way. Within this article I breakdown how to navigate the highs and lows that life brings for all of us, providing you with tangible things you can implement today to help use the power of your mind to better handle your life experiences.

Your emotions are very powerful. They can motivate you to do great things and make you feel really low. We all have ups and downs, but some of us get stuck in the tough stuff and don’t move on. Making simple shifts in your thoughts and emotions can help you gain more control over your life by feeling better more often.

Everyone experiences highs and lows when it comes to life. Whether that is the good or the bad, it can be hard to navigate at times. The highs feel sooo good and when the lows hit it…suddenly you're not invincible anymore. Sometimes it can even feel like it’s just too much to handle.

There's that voice inside your head making you feel bad about yourself. You feel like you're going backwards, and you get completely overwhelmed by your feelings. It can feel like there is no where to turn! If this sounds like you and you want to have more control and freedom over your highs and lows in life, keep reading.


Life is Not Linear

For most of us, life is not a constant stream of happy feelings. In fact, it's more like a roller coaster ride full of unexpected ups and downs.

The highs seem easy (in comparison) —but when things get tough, who are you?

Who do you become?

Do you wallow in your misery and let the bad feelings stick around driving all of your future projections?

Or do you try to learn from the situation and move on?

Not everything that happens in life feels good. Sometimes we have unfortunate circumstances happen. Sometimes things out of our control go wrong, but what we do with those situations will determine where things go from there on out.

At the end of the day, life is a dance. It’s how you move with it that matters most.

One step and day at a time. A little grace. And a little grit (wink wink).


 3 Ways to Ride the Waves of Life

 Here are some tips for spiraling up when life gets you down:

1. Reframe the situation

 If you’ve been following along on IG, I do weekly “Thought Reframes.” This can give a you new perspective on any given situation, thought, or emotion that bubbles up. Instead of going down the rabbit hole of negativity and despair, try asking questions and changing your words to see what else is possible.

 2. Practice seeing the opportunity

The more you focus on something the more your mind will amplify it. If you’re always seeing the negative or difficult side to things, guess what you will experience more of? That’s right, more negativity and challenge! Train your brain to seek what else is possible by staying open and curious. Give that negative voice in your head a break. Stop dwelling on the past, stop overthinking the future, start living in the moment. What do you need to learn or heal from this situation that is up for you? Otherwise the pattern will just repeat itself.

3. Release repressed emotions 

When it comes to emotions, feeling is healing. A lot of how we experience life is based on our past experiences and the emotions tied to them, which is where we get blocked. When you start releasing the layers of emotional baggage you carry, you become more able to see things from a more neutral perspective. So fully feel your emotions– without judgement. With clients, I use a technique called Mental & Emotional Release Therapy, which releases old stuck emotions. Through this clinically proven method, you’re able to keep the memory but release the emotion which allows you to gain the perspective on it so you can truly let it go. If you need help with those past emotions that are keeping you stuck, reach out. 



We know that life is filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, ebbs and flows, highs and lows. The important thing to remember is that these waves of highs and low, come, but they also go. All of these waves in life are just tools and opportunities to teach us what we need to learn next — as long as we stay open and curious to their guidance. I hope this article has helped you understand how strengthening your ability to shift your thoughts and emotions can support you in creating the life you desire. This can be difficult but with practice, it becomes easier to control our thoughts and feelings.


 Need support? Book a Discovery Call to learn how to truly let go and step into your power. 








































































































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