Signs You're Getting in Your Own Way

Aug 19, 2022

When the conscious mind and unconscious mind are in conflict, the unconscious mind will almost always lead the way. The un/subconscious mind is the storehouse for all your beliefs, emotions, and memories that are governing your every move.

If your habits and programming aren't aligned with your values and desires, you're likely not living your life as you desire. The old programming is creating your reality.

You may think that it's all of life's circumstances that are getting in your way, but most often it's YOU!

We are truly our greatest barrier when it comes to reaching our goals & living our best life.

And guess what this means?  

We are also our greatest potential!

What's preventing you from your healing, freedom, love, joy or success?

Is it any of these below?


10 Most Common Signs You're Getting In Your Own Way

  1. You dwell on the past–this can show up as regret, resentment, blame, self rejection.
  2. You constantly compare yourselves to others and never feel like enough– can show up as self doubt, low self-worth, fear of being judged, fear of success, shame, guilt.
  3. You spend more time worrying instead of making empowered decisions and taking action.
  4. You're reacting to life instead of creating what you want from an empowered place.
  5. You put too much on your plate so you never get to YOUR priorities– can show up as having no boundaries, low self-respect/love, overlooking easy resolutions, inflexibility, control freak (guilty!)
  6. You put things off that are important to you and have all the excuses to validate and “rationalize” your behavior.
  7. You fear failure and tend to stay in your comfort zone–can also show up as "perfectionism".
  8. You doubt yourself and lack self confidence.
  9. You're focused on what you don't want and not truly clear on what it is you want so you're unable to move towards that.
  10. Your emotions (ahem... triggers) are running the show so you're unable to see things objectively or use logical thinking–can show up as impulsive, reactive, victimhood.


If you're ready to update your unconscious mind so you can feel more free, confident, joyful and empowered, check out my Group Program–Master Your Mindset or inquire to work 1:1.




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