10 Signs You're Getting in Your Own Way

group hypnosis personal development Aug 19, 2022
Overwhelmed, stressed and unfulfilled woman struggling to create the life she desires because she is stuck in a rut

If you're like most people, you have had some experience with feeling stuck in a rut - whether it be a bad job or relationship, endless procrastination, shitty habits that you're so tired of doing (but you just can't stop). The good news is these moments can be a huge catalyst for change. In fact, they show us just how strong our self-defeating behaviors are - and how much work we still need to do on ourselves. 

Within this article I am going to share the 10 signs that you may be getting in your own way, causing you to repeat the same behaviors that keep you stuck. When the conscious mind and unconscious mind are in conflict, the unconscious mind will almost always lead the way. Remember the un/subconscious mind is governing your every move.

If your habits and programming aren't aligned with your values and desires, you're likely not living your life as you desire. The old programming is actually creating your reality instead. You may think that it's all of life's circumstances that are getting in your way, but most often it's YOU!

We are truly our greatest barrier when it comes to reaching our goals & living our best life. 

And guess what this means?  

We are also our greatest potential!

The following 10 signs of getting in your own way can prevent us from your healing, freedom, love, joy or success.


10 Most Common Signs You're Getting In Your Own Way


  1. You dwell on the past–this can show up as regret, resentment, blame, self rejection.

    Mindfulness can help you work though this because it's the practice of consciously paying attention to the present moment and illuminating your greater awareness. You can gain insight into what's going on inside yourself—and learn how best to respond better in any given situation.

  2. You constantly compare yourselves to others and never feel like enough– can show up as self doubt, low self-worth, fear of being judged, fear of success, shame, guilt.

    Comparison is evil. Although it's common, it's not healthy. It makes it difficult to focus on our own goals and priorities. Instead, focus on your own strengths within yourself and your life. Be proud of what makes YOU unique: whether it's intelligence or creativity or athletic ability or artistic talent... whatever makes YOU who you are! 

  3. You spend more time worrying instead of making empowered decisions and taking action.

    When you don't believe in yourself, it's hard to take anything else seriously. If you're not confident in your talents and skills, how can you expect to succeed? De-conditioning these old beliefs will give you access to your power within so you can make decisions and take action. 

  4. You're reacting to life instead of creating what you want.

    When you respond to life from a space of empowerment, you start creating our lives intentionally instead of just reacting to what life hands you. Reacting to life is purely living unconsciously. It's time to wake up and grab the reins. 
  5. You put too much on your plate so you never get to YOUR priorities– can show up as having no boundaries, low self-respect/love, overlooking easy resolutions, inflexibility, control freak (guilty!)

    When you repeatedly people please it can cause you to lack fulfillment and thus you never get to what you want or need. Defining and claiming your boundaries and needs can help you move through this.
  6. You put things off that are important to you and have all the excuses to validate and “rationalize” your behavior.

    When you deny yourself what you want it can make you feel completely paralyzed or victimized. The reality is that only you can give yourself the permission to go after what you desire or what is important to you.
  7. You fear failure and tend to stay in your comfort zone–can also show up as "perfectionism".

    Being in the comfort zone will never reveal the growth, healing, success or transformation that is possible for you! Everything is feedback. There is no failure. Ingrain this in your brain and appreciate learning from mistakes. P.S. You get to decide what "perfect" means.

  8. You doubt yourself and lack self confidence.

    Believing in yourself is an essential part of creating the life you desire. It’s also one of the easiest ways to feel more fulfilled! "I'm not good enough" is a core belief that comes up often with my clients that we release and rewire. 

  9. You're focused on what you don't want and not truly clear on what it is you DO want so you're unable to move towards that.

    Shifting your focus from what you don't want to what you do want can help you get out of your own way and start moving in the direction you desire.
  10. Your emotions (ahem... triggers) are running the show so you're unable to see things objectively or use logical thinking–can show up as impulsive, reactive, victimhood.

    In order for you to not to get in your own way with your emotions you need to heal and integrate them! Releasing your emotions and triggers will free you up in the most powerful ways. Once you process those old emotions and learn what you need to there is no need for the pattern to keep repeating itself. 


These can be tough things to navigate alone, I know. But if you take a step back and look at yourself without judgement, you'll be able to see that deep down inside all of us are those little voices telling us what's wrong with ourselves and why we shouldn't trust our own instincts or abilities. But don't worry! You can overcome these obstacles! 

If you're ready to update your unconscious mind so you can feel more free, confident, joyful and empowered, check out my upcoming Monthly Group Hypnosis  or inquire to work 1:1.




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