The Truth about Emotions (Part 1)

emotional intelligence emotions Nov 09, 2023

This is Part 1 of a two-part series on emotions.

In Part II, I will share my specific process to help you transform uncomfortable emotions so you can reduce emotional suffering and improve your health, relationships, energy, and life. 

However, to effectively utilize these tools, it's important to have a basic understanding of emotions from a neuroscientific perspective. Similar to having the correct screwdriver bit to assemble a table; this understanding is beneficial. Without it your beliefs and preconceived notions may impede your progress in the assembly process.

And of course, I'll incorporate a bit of energetics and spirituality. Think of them as the finishing touch -- the flowers on your newly constructed table.

Most of us are not taught how to effectively process our feelings. And what we have been taught about emotions isn't completely accurate or the full picture. 

So instead, we stuff them down until there is no more room. Then you either explode like a fire 🔥 or shrink into a morsel of a shadow of self.

Either way, you’re left feeling awful and your physical health takes a punch to the gut too. 🥊🤢

But here’s the deal: You have more control over your emotions than you think.

Your emotions are real sensations that you experience.

Your emotions are not facts.

You have choices.

You are not at the mercy of everything you feel.

Emotions have a positive purpose. 🤯

Neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett describes emotions as "guesses" or "predictions." They are primal experiences that help us quickly and efficiently make sense of the world. As she puts it, "Your brain does not react to the world. Using past experience, your brain predicts and constructs your experience of the world. The way that we see emotions in others is deeply rooted in predictions."

When we understand how we create emotions and gain tools to rewire how the mind utilizes them, we have the incredible power (and responsibility) to transform and enhance our physical, mental, and emotional health. 

To take this 1 step further...

I like to think that emotions are your allies. Yes, even the uncomfortable ones! (Especially those)

If you allow yourself to experience and use them as catalysts for self-healing and growth.

Emotions can:

  • act as a barometer for assessing what lessons need to be learned, they help you avoid those mistakes in the future
  • show you what wounds need to be healed
  • reveal where you're out of integrity or alignment
  • remind you that human suffering is universal and we're all connected
  • awaken you to embrace life more fully 
  • redirect you onto a better path, one that may have never even occurred to you otherwise
  • empower you to make better choices that lead to greater purpose, alignment, and freedom
  • strengthen your sense of connection, empathy, and intuition 

Now that you see there's a positive purpose to those sticky and uncomfortable negative emotions, here are 5 truths to remember for the next time you get triggered. 


 5 Truths About Your Emotions

  1. Emotions are sensory experiences that act as mental predictions. 

    Mostly, these are unconsciously constructed to make sense of ourselves, our environment, and our experiences. They can also be a way to bring attention to the body (i.e. dehydration, low blood sugar, etc). That is why it is important to be aware and take responsibility for our emotions. 

  1. Emotions that are out of proportion to what’s going on in the moment are often based on the past.

Because your subconscious aims to keep you safe, anything unfamiliar or unwanted can trigger an emotion, behavior, or thought. What's not cleared from the past can keep taking up storage and energy like an old unused app on your iPhone. 

  1. Emotional triggers present an opportunity for healing and personal growth.

    However, if you choose to blame others or play the victim, you may remain stuck. By changing your perception of your emotions, you can create an opportunity for self-growth and improve your relationship with Self and others. 

  1. Negative emotions can be transformed. 

If you want to feel more resilient and at peace with emotional triggers, you need to rewire how you perceive your thoughts and emotions. This requires both mind and body practices, along with reinforcing the desired response with repetition. Rationalizing emotions does not benefit us.

     5. Emotions are temporary and fluid. 

It is essential to remember that emotions, both positive and negative, are transient. They come and go like waves, and no emotion lasts forever. This realization can provide comfort and reassurance during challenging emotional experiences.


Note:  I'm not saying that you can easily talk yourself out of being depressed, anxious, or any serious condition. However, you do have the capacity to reduce your emotional suffering and improve your life by rewiring your mind. It takes practice and with time you can get really good at navigating your thoughts and emotions with more ease. 

My intention is to empower you to take ownership so you can live your best life. 

Because having High EQ and emotional freedom liberates you from the overwhelm, stress, and big feelings that result in unconscious reactions like:

👉yelling at your partner

👉writing a scathing text

👉crying into a bag of popcorn

👉or maybe the passive-aggressive move is your jam?


Emotional clearing is a big part of the work I do 1:1 with clients which results in life-altering positive shifts. 

It's also woven into my group program where we strengthen your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) so you can easily regulate and move through your emotions.

Say goodbye to overwhelm, stress, and unhealthy reactions. 👋

If you'd like to tackle past emotions and liberate yourself from the past so you can live day to day with more joy, ease, and fun, book a Clarity Call to explore ways we can work together. 


For further details, you can check out Lisa Feldman Barrett's TED Talk here. 







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