If you're ready to overcome self-sabotage, become deeply empowered, and live your best damn life, then it's time to master the art of YOU.

“We are defined by the stories we tell ourselves.”
~ Tony Robbins


When our brains are trained to believe the self-damaging narratives we tell ourselves, we're stuck in a loop of self-defeat and unawareness. We have a choice in the matter, but only if we make the conscious decision to take action.  

Isn't it time to write the story that serves you?

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"Before this work, I felt like I was doing all the right things to feel more balanced, aligned, and healthy but it wasn’t easy and I still felt triggered and anxious. Now, I feel a sense of inner calm and in control of my reactions. It will change the way you see challenges and allow you to embrace life more fully."


"Allison is a great practical teacher who can ID the BS real fast and hold you accountable. Love her ability to connect with her clients and speak what we need to hear, even if we do not want to hear it."


"In truth I haven't really done other programs like this! It makes you look at things with a new set of eyes. You'll feel more empowered in handling you're past and your future!"


"Get ready for the new you! Honestly, I think everyone should take Allison's program. I was just imagining what my life might be like if I had known these skills earlier on. I think it's really important to be ready—and open and curious when you start because it requires a beginner's mind."

High Self Mastery is perfect for you if . . .

  • You get stuck in your own vicious cycles of overwhelm, procrastination, and self-doubt.
  • You have been making the same excuses for years.
  • You feel like you attract negativity and there's nothing you can do about it.
  • You believe self-care is essential, but feel guilty putting yourself first.
  • Despite knowing better, you're constantly getting in your way.
  • Once it starts, it's nearly impossible to stop your negative self-talk.
  • You want to stop feeling like a victim. 
  • Your brain is a time traveler.  Presence is elusive because you're either tinkering in the past or worrying about the future.
  • Deep down, you crave a lighter, more fun, magical life.

"This group program helped me stop living in the past and always worrying about the future. I am more grateful for where I am today and wouldn't be here without this work."

Hi, I'm Allison!

I can help you create the life you want.


Your subconsious mind is a powerful, efficient tool and if you don't control it, it controls you. 

It's my mission to help you take back control. Your life belongs to you, and you belong in the driver's seat. 

This is life-changing stuff. 

Together we will release old baggage. We will put the damaging narratives to rest and make space for our new, healthy habits and skills.

High Self Mastery begins with awareness, reflection, and positive self-talk. Immediately, you will start to incorporate daily healthy rituals that will become as vital as brushing your teeth or making that first cup of coffee. 

We will retrain the inner mind using its favored language: specificity. 

We will create smart, personal goals.

We will take action. We will go deep, delving into the subconscious through hypnosis. This is where real change and growth happens.

This is about YOU. The key is focusing on what you want for yourself. If you don't know exactly, we will figure that out, too. 




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